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Amanda Greenfeld

amanda greenfeld

is a Graphic Designer with over 6 years of professional experience.

My imagination is a major driving force in my life, and influences my designs. As a child, I was always looking for ways to be creative and would often spend hours developing any project that came my way. It has always been the most natural way for me to express myself. Therefore, I came to understand at a very young age that perfection is only accomplished momentarily because improvement is always possible.


I am fascinated by fonts and colors. Both are crucial elements that enhance my designs. It is incredible that a single font family can create countless combinations by changing the size or weight. I enjoy the way that colors, while seeming to be very simple, are actually very complicated and possibly the hardest element of a design because each color takes on its own meaning. By placing a color next to another, you can either add or subtract to the entire concept of the design. When color is used correctly, I find that it is a very important element to unify the design.

I am looking forward to taking on the challenges of being a Graphic Designer. I have found something I’m extremely passionate about, and I am proud to be on my way to understanding the many meanings of visual communications. I hope one day, my designs will make a positive and impactful difference in the world.

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